Electrical Repairs

Electrical maintenance is often overlooked since people tend to think of it only when something breaks. For instance, worn plugs and switches are frequent causes of power loss in various parts of the house. Old light fixtures and bulbs are inefficient and may trigger AFCI type circuit breakers and may even overheat the wiring if installed improperly. We frequently come across improper modifications or installations performed by unqualified personnel as well.

Our goal is to provide practical recommendations that make future maintenance for our clients easier and more affordable. We focus on long-term electrical maintenance and repair, recognizing that your home is a significant investment that should be respected. We are committed to providing quality work and valuable recommendations for all electrical services we offer. Our straightforward approach and customer-centered mindset make us a reliable partner for all your electrical needs.

Our Repair & Maintenance Services

Troubleshooting requires experience and our skilled electricians have the combined experience of more than 20 years of working on electrical systems and we specialize in residential electrical systems. When we come for service, we typically try to ask the customer some detailed questions such as what, when, where, etc. to begin the troubleshooting process. By asking simple questions we often eliminate wasted time and identify the best course of action when it comes to possible repair solutions.

We believe that being proactive is the best approach when it comes to electrical repairs. We communicate with our customers to provide an understanding of what happened and what can be done to avoid future problems. Our comprehensive service includes a proper diagnosis, the best possible repair solution, and necessary recommendations to ensure that your electrical system runs efficiently in the future.

Knob and tube type wiring is an older wiring method that does not provide an equipment ground conductor for your circuits or electrical devices. It also tends to deteriorate over time, and for that reason, it often becomes a problem for your insurance company. In fact, some insurance companies are now requiring knob and tube wiring to be inspected by a qualified electrician to continue your coverage.

When possible, it is best to remove existing knob and tube wiring due to code compliance issues. Over the years, this type of wiring often undergoes alterations or deteriorates to the point of being unserviceable. We frequently recommend replacement in cases where improper alterations or severe deterioration have occurred.

Older worn plugs often are the cause of power loss in various portions of a home or facility. A damaged plug in one room can cause a problem for everything else that is “downstream” from it. In fact, customers are often surprised when they see the damaged or worn connections on the back of a worn plug after it has been removed, and that it didn’t trip their circuit breaker. (This is a common occurrence, and it is also one of the reasons for the development of the AFCI type circuit breaker.)

Older, worn plugs often break down due to age and normal heating caused by electrical current carried through the wiring, causing overheating that can lead to power loss, damaged wiring or appliances, and other quality of life issues. However, these problems can be prevented by having a properly installed and maintained electrical system, and we aim to inform our customers about best practices when providing plug replacements and other services to help prolong the life of their existing wiring and minimize maintenance needs.

Most of us like good lighting in the spaces where we live and do our work. That’s why we offer on-site lighting design and consultation services to help you upgrade your lighting. Our team can provide practical recommendations that will not only improve the quality of your lighting but also make future maintenance easier and less costly.

For LED lighting, we typically recommend fixtures with replaceable bulbs as a cost-effective long-term solution. However, we understand that every situation is unique, and we strive to provide customized solutions that meet your specific needs. Our team can also offer advice on dimming and switching characteristics, helping you make informed decisions when it comes to lighting your world.

There are several reasons why an electric space heater or thermostat may require replacement or repair. Some common issues with space heaters include faulty or worn thermostats, damaged or clogged heating elements, and worn or broken fan assemblies. Some heating problems may also pose a safety hazard such as a faulty thermostat that will not turn off.

We offer regular maintenance and repair services for electric space heaters and thermostats. Our skilled technicians can provide proper maintenance, such as regular cleaning using techniques that won’t damage your heaters, and repair or replacement of your electric heating equipment when necessary. With our help, you can ensure that your heating system is functioning safely and effectively.

Surge protection installation typically involves installing a “Type 2” surge protective device in your main electrical panel, which is designed to protect everything “downstream” from it. Power surges can be caused by many things, such as lightning strikes, utility company equipment failure, or high-powered electrical equipment within your home. A sudden increase in voltage can damage electronic devices, appliances, and the electrical wiring of your home.

While no surge protector can provide complete protection from every type of electrical surge, having a good surge protector at your main panel can give you peace of mind that you have reasonable protection for your home. Additionally, surge protection is now required by code in most areas for a new home or when an electrical service/panel is replaced.

Electrical insulation integrity testing detects flaws or damage in wiring insulation that may cause electrical faults, system failures, or safety hazards. Over time, insulation can become damaged due to factors like heat, moisture, vibration, or physical damage. Compromised insulation can cause electrical currents to escape or arc through the insulation, leading to short circuits, system failures, or fires.

In residential settings, electrical insulation integrity testing is typically used in a residential setting to look for problems after they have occurred or when the wiring is suspected to be damaged for some reason. For business, testing can help to identify potential problems with electrical wiring and equipment before they lead to system failures, expensive shutdowns, or safety hazards.